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Mental Health Partnership

Brayden Low

Dec 13, 2022

Minor League Madness partners with Puck Support and Not Alone Co.

As hockey players, we’ve played through an era where showing emotion, weakness and pain was forbidden. The “warrior” mentality and the fear of losing your job often overshadowed the need & want to talk about mental health. From our early teens we’ve been wired to think this way. Anyone that truly knows me, understands I’ve always had trouble opening up. It wasn’t until this past year where I truly realized the roots of where this was coming from and the magnitude of this problem in hockey. Pro hockey players need a safe place where we can ignite those hard conversations.
Today, Minor League Madness is proud to partner with two of the best leaders in men’s mental health advocacy. Tyler Smith and Brady Leavold have been leading the way and starting the mental health conversations for hockey players across the World. We’ve created a 100% free, confidential mental health support platform for past and current members of the Professional Hockey Players Association, a list of that exceeds 9000+ players. From this day forward the support link will remain in our bio and can be easily found on our website.

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