"Mental health and addiction are extremely difficult issues to cope with or even talk about... they shouldn't be!

  The Puck Support team is committed to raising awareness and ending the stigma surrounding the hard hitting topics that constantly get swept under the rug.  Puck Support is for any player, coach or hockey parent throughout the entire hockey community regardless of their age, sex, or skill level.

We have two mottos here, "It's okay to not be okay" and "Puck Addiction"       


      Puck Support is made up of former professional hockey players and mental health and addiction professionals, together we make up the Puck Support Team. Our goal is to combat mental health and addiction issues, inside and outside of hockey.

We want to ensure every individual knows they are never alone and they will never be judged by Puck Support.

 We are the team, when your team is no longer there."


 - Puck Support Team



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