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Thank you to everyone who has supported the Puck Support Foundation Gratitude Crusade both by posting their own videos and for all of the incredible monetary donations. We are over $1000! THANK YOU! But we still have work to do! The PSF is working hard behind the scenes to get all of the legal documents in place so we can get out there and help the hockey community. The mental health and addiction issues in the hockey community are disturbing We have lost too many and too many others are still struggling. We need a ton of support in seemingly endless avenues, however we will not stop until we have the very best supports and resources in place. Even then we will not be complacent! Get involved today! Email the team now!

Thank you to all of our donors:

Everyone who donates to The #PSFGratitudeCrusade will have their name and picture placed on The Matthew Leszczynski Wall of Gratitude, located in The Matthew Leszczynski Memorial Studio which is locates in beautiful Utterson Ontario. Right in thew heart of beautiful Muskoka, the home office for The Puck Support Foundation. Please visit the go fund me page to donate. If you get nominated, feel good. In fact feel great. Making a video can be difficult, it's difficult for people to get out of their comfort zones. That is the beautiful thing about the PSG gratitude crusade. The out pour of support is incredible to those brave souls who have joined the crusade. The result thus far has been simply amazing. Stay tuned for more videos. We are currently working on a PSF YouTube page.


Thank you! 

We are grateful you skated by! #PSFGratitudeCrusade


Take a deep breath. If you are reading this, you are alive. Be grateful!

The Puck Support Gratitude Crusade was created to raise money and awareness for The Puck Support Foundation. A developing non-profit organization designed to provide help and resources for the hockey community's mental health and addiction issues that are so prevalent yet often get overlooked or cast aside. The PSF's goal is to make sure that this never happens again.Former professional hockey player and founder of the PSF Brady Leavold came up with the idea of the gratitude crusade. After all his struggles with mental health and addiction which included over a year of homelessness and three years behind bars and over 10 years of serious heroin addiction. He has been able to find his way, now hosting Hockey 2 Heroin Road 2 Recovery. One of hockey's brightest shining new podcasts and a life saving outlet for Leavold.Leavold knows how lucky he is to be alive and to have all of the gracious support of so many people and ultimately to still have his life. So many others have not been so lucky, so many of those in the hockey community. Some of those people have heard of but most people have not. The Puck Support Foundation wants to change that. Remembering all of our fallen brothers and sisters in the hockey community while developing and providing new resources for the current and next generations of hockey players.If you are challenged to take part in the #PSFGratitudeCrusade it means that someone is grateful to have to in their life. You are loved and valued. Now you must make a 1 video for 3 days. In each video you must list 3 things you are grateful for and 3 people you are grateful for in your life. Feel free to name more than 3, but 3 is the minimum. After 3 days you should have a minimum of 3 videos with a total of 9 things your grateful for and 9 people you are grateful for! Those 9 people must repeat the same steps.For those who are challenged and do not take part, they must pay $50 to The Puck Support Foundation in Matthew Leszczynski's name.It is our hope that people start to live with an attitude of gratitude. Life is not always easy. There will always be up and downs along the way, but no matter what we can always find a reason to be grateful. If you are reading this or listening to this, you have that ability. Be grateful. We all have infinite potential. In every that we do, be grateful."Feel free to do this for more than 3 days. I have an alarm set on my phone 5 times a day that goes off to remind me to be grateful. When that alarm goes off and I look down on my phone and I see the words; Stop! Be Grateful! You are alive! There is no reason why I am still breathing and so many other hockey players are not. It is pretty hard for me to have a bad day when I remember how lucky I am to be alive. I have hard moments but no bad days! Have a great day! If you so choose!" - Brady Leavold Founder of The Puck Support Foundation. If anyone wants to get involved please email us


Our Vision and Mission

"Players, coaches, refs and parents. The entire hockey community is part of our team. We will continue to build our team and provide the best possible resources available" - Brady Leavold Founder

 "Even though every child who plays hockey dreams of one day making the NHL, winning a Stanley Cup and making millions of dollars, the fact is that very few of them do. Some, in fact, end up with serious mental health and addiction issues, often long after the cheering stops and their safety net has vanished.

The Puck Support Foundation is a non-profit charity that is committed to providing relief for any player or coach, active or retired, who is struggling with these issues. We try to do that by providing a safe platform for hockey players to receive the help they need, confidentially and without fear of judgment. We intend to do that by working with mental health and addiction professionals to find and provide our brothers and sisters with the best prevention and treatment methods, and by providing a toll-free line that can be used by anyone. Anytime. Anywhere."


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